Saturday, August 30, 2014

Voice of the Young

We are two weeks into the new school year and my students already love "read aloud" time. They are engrossed with the story "Ramona Quimby, Age 8" by Beverly Clearly. They hang on each word I read and let out a collective groan when it's time to stop for the day. 

  Beverly Cleary is a master at writing in the voice of an eight year old girl. One of my students even asked me if a child wrote the story. She captures the thoughts of a child so well, the students believe an eight year old is telling the story.

   I'm currently working on writing my first draft of a new young adult story. Although, this is my favorite genre to write in, I often catch myself writing in my grown up voice.  I'm fortunate that I live with three teenagers to fall back on for input. 

   The conversations between my teens and their friends are intriguing to me. There's little that I enjoy more than having a house full of young people in genuine conversation.  Of course there's much texting along with it and scrolling through social media on their phones. The social media aspect is still a little shaky for me.( I'm learning though.) It's their world and they celebrate it fully. I love it!

 So as I finish up my first draft, I will strive to write in my young voice with first hand knowledge from the experts.

Daily Writing Tips is a website loading with information for writers. Click here for a tip on writing in a unique voice.

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