Friday, February 13, 2015

1000 Voices Speak for Compassion

 For the 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion Blog-a-thon, I will speak about an area dear to my heart. Anyone who truly knows me will tell you that I have a heart for children. They make me happy. I enjoy their innocence and sincerity. Their world is the focus of my blogging and other writing. As adults we have a tremendous responsibility of shaping the impressionable minds of our youth. We do this best my modeling with our actions.                              

          I want to tell you a story that makes me proud. It's one of a young girl that is very special to me.  I hope others learn from her action of compassion for another.

    Jamie distracts herself by texting on her phone---alone at a table. She's used to being left out by the rest of the freshmen on the team. I watch her with sadness growing in the pit of my stomach. As a leader on the team, I can't stand to see another teammate treated the way she's been. The extra jab in the stomach during practice, the snickers and giggles when she messes up, and this.

  Compassion for her spreads through my chest and pierces my heart.  I pick up my food and join her at the table. "Hey," I say startling her.

  "Oh, hi Kate," she shifts in her seat. Her eyes widen when the rest of girls from my table join us.

  "What's up Jamie?" my friend Sarah grins at her.

"Hi guys," she pushes her glasses up with a smile that reaches her eyes. We talk about nothing really, but keep her company. I feel good that we made her smile, even if only for a little while...

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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Own It and Move On


My words left my finger tips before I let my mind process them. I tapped the words and hit send. After a heated text exchange I realized I messed up. I'm soaked in regret wishing I could turn back the clock. I think of the famous quote..."this too shall pass." I pray for God's guidance until it does. And to think, we talk about kids being hasty with technology. I think I just swallowed a super sized helping of my own words.

                                                                                  Learning Lessons the Hard Way