Sunday, June 7, 2020

What Can I Do?

    What can I do? For me to remain silent about the issue of racism in our country is not an option. So I have spent time in prayer and I have listened. I've listened to leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement and voices of the African American communities speaking out to demand change. Three things that I have heard repeated over are to educate yourself, use your platform and vote. 

1. Educate Yourself. I have researched and watched documentaries on systematic racism in our country. When you hear the words systematic racism, what does that mean to you? Do you understand what it means?   I recommend that you watch the documentary 13th.  It is a powerful look at history of oppression in our country. It is eye opening.

2. Use your Platform. My platform is not huge in comparison to many other's, but this blog post to my readers is my first step using my platform to educate and speak out for change in our country.  I am putting all other writing projects on hold right now and dedicating my time to this cause.

3. Vote.  Once again, I'll repeat to educate yourself before you vote. Don't blindly follow anyone or any party. Have you ever heard of  ALEC? Do you know the role they play in making laws in our country? Do you know who their members are?  Educate yourself.

I've included a  link below on how to register to vote.

We can't sit by silently. It is time to act.