Thursday, July 21, 2016

Powerful Scene


   I can't believe it's been a year since I introduced the world to Starla and Chase. I want to share a small scene from the story that I think is also powerful. Starla's right hand is missing three fingers... something that she's self-conscious about. The tiny excerpt below shows the character of Chase and is one of my favorite parts.

   Chase glanced down and hooked his pinky finger with mine. I shot my eyes at him, surprised. Jared never tried to hold my right hand in any way. He was weirded out by touching it or something. Chase focused straight ahead like it was a normal thing. He opened the door for me. The wind took my breath, so Chase tugged me to his side, sending a ripple of warmth through me. We both chuckled at a girl chasing a paper across the lot.

To celebrate the year anniversary, To Be Honest is for sale on Kindle for $0.99 until July 24.  If you haven't met Starla and Chase, now would be a good time. :)