Friday, September 26, 2014

Fall Into Books

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Happy Fall Y'all! I'm participating in the Fall Into Books Blog Hop hosted Candlelight Reads. Enjoy hopping around to read about special books and enter to win super prizes. Let me tell you about my special book.....

My special place and time to read is at night in bed before I go to sleep. It's such habit that I can't sleep without reading first.  I get carried away into another world and my worries from the day evaporate.  It's hard to narrow my reading down to one special book, but I'll give it a go.

 I have to say the book I go back to reread most often is the Summer I Turned Pretty(series)by Jenny Han. I'm a sucker for YA fiction. Jenny Han writes so well that you're immediately drawn into the story. The description is so vivid that you feel like you're vacationing with Belly at the beach house in Cousins. The love Belly has for her real family and "summer " family is heartwarming. I feel connected with all of the characters in this story when I'm reading.  Yep, this is my special book. One I can read over and over, falling into it every time.

Before you go, enter to win a free signed copy of my e-book that was released in July. Also, check out all of the great books and prizes by clicking the link below to visit other awesome blogs.

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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Life and Books-Questions to Ponder

Life Questions
What's the best way to handle making difficult decisions?  I'm talking about the decisions that can change another person's life.  I found myself facing this once again this week.  Like storm clouds that move in and swallow up the bright sky,  life snuck up on me without notice and forced me to make a painful decision.  One that left a person I love heartbroken.
 How do I know I'm making the right decisions?  I wish that I had the perfect solution or formula to follow with a one hundred percent guarantee. Maybe someone will design a decision making app to download, tap in the problem you are facing and out comes answer...clear as crystal.
Unfortunately, difficult decisions don't work that way. You have to pull deep inside your heart and search.  Pray for the right answer and make the decision.  Sometimes, you just have to decide and hope. Like the poem by Shel Silverstein says... the voice inside will guide you.

This poem comes from the book "Falling Up "by Shel Silverstein.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Three Questions for the Week

 I thought I'd try something different called Three Questions for the Week.  I often ask myself questions as I go through a week of interaction with others or simply observing as a bystander. I decided to give some of the questions a go with my blog post this week. Here it goes...

Why do people you know, act like they don't?

  Our eyes met, so I know he saw me. I continue to stroll toward him prepared to smile and say hi, after all we grew up in the same town. I've known him since we were kids. He brushes past without a word, nod of his head, roll of his eyes....nothing. Okaaay....Maybe he didn't recognize me. 

   I weave through bodies until I reach my destination, the concession stand. The hot pretzels with cheese call out to me. After claiming my prize, I hurry back to my seat. On the way back I pass a lady that goes to my church. My smile is not returned. I'm tempted to call back to her. "I'm fine. How are you?"

I don't know why people act the way they do, but I do know one thing.
  • A person's  actions'  toward you says a lot more about them than it does you.Tweet: Click to edit


Why are we drawn to heartbreakers?

   Emotion bubbles in my throat. Tears threaten to form and spill down my face, but I can't stop reading.  I have to know....will Samantha live? Will she end up with Kent?
Why is that we love movies and books that break our hearts? Look at the popularity of  the movie "The Fault in Our Stars".  I don't claim to know the answer to this question, but I'll give it my best shot. 
   The answer Life experiences are emotion filled. We can relate to these characters because we have an emotional connection to their circumstances. In one way or another, we've all experienced grief, heartbreak, hope, love.


Who have you encouraged?

 This is a question I ask myself frequently. I truly believe that God wants us to lift each other up. What a difference it makes when someone speaks words of praise to you in comparison to criticism.
So this is a question I will continue to ask myself and hope I make a difference to another.

I believe the power of praise. Tweet: I believe in the power of praise.



I have many more questions, so I will see you next week with three more. Have a great weekend everybody!




Friday, September 5, 2014

YA Boyfriend List


  What makes the perfect boyfriend?  My teen girls often discuss this topic and end up referring to fictional characters from YA books they read.  With some input from my girls as well as my own additions, I've compiled a short list of YA  characters that may make the perfect boyfriend. I have to say,  this post was a lot of fun to write. Here it goes...

Augustus Waters-The Fault in Our Stars character by John Green won the number one spot. His name has been mentioned as the perfect boyfriend a billion times in our house!

The rest are listed in no particular order....

Landon Carter-this character from A Walk to Remember  by Nicholas Sparks won our hearts over when he made the decision to marry Jamie in spite of her sickness.

Kent McFuller-from the story Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver. Kent is a good guy who stays faithful to his friend and first kiss, Sam.  He believes her to be a good person even when she doesn't believe it herself.

Tim Dorscher-Tim is a super nice guy from the story Will the Real Prince Charming Please Stand Up by Ella Martin.   He always has Bianca's back.

Dean Holder - the misunderstood bad boy from Collen Hoover's Hopeless is not only a hottie, he loves Sky with all of his heart.

Brody Patterson-I have to put in a plug for Brody. I know he is perfect boyfriend material because I created him. From my story Beyond Vica, Brody is Gabby's center during a time that threatens to break her and her first real kiss.

That's all for now. There are many more that I could add to the list and will again in the future. What are your perfect YA fiction boyfriends?