Saturday, June 22, 2013

Let's Talk Critique

  I'm almost near the finish line with my novella and ready to get some honest feedback. I've never been part of a critique group and have been searching for information about this. I came across an article in my search titled Can Critique Groups Do More Harm than Good? by Kristen Lamb .This is a well written article that gives the pros and cons of critique groups. 
     It a nutshell among the list of pros are that critique groups can...
  •  hold us accountable
  • offer professionalism
  • take our writing to a new level

   Among the list of cons are that critique groups can...
  • become a crutch and prevent growth
  • create bad writing habits
  • deform a manuscript to the point it doesn't have a chance of publication
What are your thoughts on critique groups? Do you use them?


  1. Hi Tammi,

    Found you through G+. I've attended writers groups. I'm in an all women's one now and I find the feedback useful. If anything it gives me a new angle, something I can chose to act on or not.

    I'd encourage you to find one. This is the second one that I've consistently gone to over the years and I enjoy listening to others' work and gaining a better idea about mine.


  2. Thanks Lani. I will pursue this.

  3. Hi Tammi,

    Visiting from Goodreads. I've been in two critique groups. One developed out of the participants of an online writing class I took. My current one is from a writing blog. Each of us submitted our first 5 pages for a month and based on critiques, rewrote. Three of us have stayed together. We use google docs to share our work. We've been going since Jan. 2013. There is no pressure to post/read. We each participate when we can. The feedback is fantastic. Great to have others view from a writer's perspective.


    1. Thanks Cheryl. 5 pages a month sounds like a good amount for me. I hope to find a good group.