Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Show and Tell


 Her heart hammers. She wipes the extra moisture from her palms onto her jeans. The applause of the class signals the end of Billy's presentation, sending a new wave of excitement through her. It's her turn now.

   I don't know if you remember "Show and Tell" when you were a child. This was not a moment to take lightly. It required careful planning and much thought as to what will catch the attention of your classmates, keep them captivated, wanting to know more about what you brought to class. 

   Writers must approach writing the same way.  I've devoted this summer to improve in the craft of show and tell. I'm fortunate that I've found a critique partner who pushes me in this area. My YA novella is in the revising and polishing stage and I've found the balancing act of show and tell is not easy for me.

   A book by James Thayer titled "Show or Tell?" has been helpful for me along with some websites I've listed below.  What tips or thoughts do you have about this?

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