Saturday, January 11, 2014

Life Lesson-Be True to Yourself

     I've  slacked off on writing posts at the Writer's Devotion, so this year I'd like to write periodic posts on life lessons learned. Many of my stories are inspired by lesson I've learned in life, so I thought I'd carry that over to my blog as well. Here it goes.....

     Life Lesson Post #1


  Be True to Yourself
  Something that has taken me time to learn is how to tune into my passions and be my own person. It is so easy to compare yourself to others and feel you don't measure up. I read somewhere that people can become aware of their gifts by taking the time to reflect each day on what motivates them and makes in them happy.
  This purposeful observation of my life allowed me to zero in on what gifts I have that make me who I am. For example, I'm happy when I encourage and help others. This is something that comes natural to me. That's part of who I am.
   I enjoy writing stories for young people because they are important to me. I spend every day with twenty-four 8 & 9 year old children and love every minute of it.  I like to create lessons to motivate them to learn, read, and write. That's another part of who I am.
 Others may not always understand my choices or the way I live my life, but that's okay. It's my life and I have to be true to me.

 *I want to give a big thank you to Mariana Llanos for naming me as one of her 5 authors to look for in 2014. I feel honored.

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