Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Out of the Comfort Zone

 By nature I'm shy and quiet. It's hard for me to reach out and share my writing with other people. To be true to my blog premise, that's exactly what I had to do. In order to improve my writing I had open myself up to critiques. Last summer I found my first critique partner. She was wonderful and pushed me to rise up to a level of writing that I didn't know I could achieve.
  Another first for me was to seek out a professional to  analyze my writing. I needed to ensure that my novella started strong. Heather Webb reviewed the first fifty pages of my novella and gave valuable insight to its strengths and weaknesses. It was worth every penny.
   When I finished, I sent my novella to be professionally edited by Eileen Brady. She did in amazing job.
  Finally, I was ready to submit my story. I sought out a publisher from whom I've read quality young adult books from. I was offered a book contract from Stephanie at Astraea Press within two weeks of my submission! My novella, Beyond Vica, will be available on July 8.
   The step out of my comfort zone and all the hard work paid off.  Thank you to my critique partner, Heather, Eileen, and Stephanie. I appreciate all of you!.



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