Sunday, July 13, 2014

Use Your Talent

A person's talents are often referred to as gifts. Sometimes talents are unknown until we unwrap them layer by layer and the gift is revealed. Once the talent is revealed, it's time use it. Talent is not to be wasted, it's given to us to help others.

 There are times when I get overwhelmed and want to choose one gift over the other. I know in my heart that God gave me the gift of teaching and compassion for children to be used together. I also know that writing is talent that has been slowly unwrapped and also used to benefit young people.  Teaching and writing in themselves take a tremendous amount of time to plan and develop. I often get discouraged when trying to make time for both.  I think of the quote from Erma Bombeck, put my game face on, and set to work.

I too one day want to stand before God and say "I used everything you gave me."

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