Monday, July 6, 2015

Five Things I Learned From my Character Part II

Tomorrow is the cover reveal for my debut young adult novel, To Be Honest. To say I'm excited is an understatement.  I've been bursting inside to introduce to you Starla and Chase.  You learned a little about Chase in my first post of Five Things I Learned From my Character. Now I'd like to tell you what I learned through the main character, Starla.

Starla lacks self-confidence due to a deformity in her hand. Teens in general fear embarrassment in front of their peers, so the physical difference compounds this fear for Starla. She suffers from anxiety at a level that exceeds the norm and has had to learn ways to cope. The list below is what I learned through Star's character.

1. Tapping is a technique to lower anxiety. This method operates much like Chinese acupuncture without the needles. You use your fingers to locate tapping points on your body that trigger emotional balance along with focusing on words to bring you back in balance. I found it interesting and much more involved than my brief little snip of information here. Starla uses this technique in the story when her anxiety rises.

2. Photography is another outlet for Star that she enjoys. I learned about different types of lenses used in photography. The coolest thing I found out was that night vision lenses use infared light not visible to the naked eye in order to illuminate an area.

3. Starla loves to quote classic literature and apply it to her life. I added some classic literature titles to my 'want to read' list as a result of the quotes. I admit to never having read "Little Women". After reading some quotes from this classic, my interest is piqued.

4. Internet bullying is a means to target a victim in today's technology world. I've posted on this topic while writing the book. The information I learned was too valuable not to share. You can read my posts on this topic by clicking the titles: Big Hair and Bullies  & Her Hair is Full of Secrets

5. I learned to let Starla lead the story. Of course I started this story with an outline of where I wanted it to go. As Starla's character developed and she experienced things in the story, I allowed her to take over and lead. She turned into a much stronger girl than the one from the beginning of the story. I hope you enjoy her journey!

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