Monday, February 18, 2019

Becoming an Adult 101

What does it mean to be an adult? This question has come up over and over during the last year in my house. When you become an adult do you automatically do everything right? React the perfect way in every situation?  Does the knowledge you need the rest of your life pour from the heavens at the magical age of 18? That would be easy wouldn't it?

 Unfortunately or fortunatley (depending on how you look at it) , learning never stops. If you are 80  or 18 and all ages in changes. Therefore, the lessons and challenges in your life change.  To me, being an adult means being willing to take a hard look at yourself in all situations and acknowledge what you are doing that's not working and being willing to change for the better. It's hard to do if you profess to be perfect. In that case, a person will never grow from where they are.

Another thing an adult needs to acknowledge are the situations that are simply out of your control no matter what changes you make. You can't make other people want to see the best in you or accept the love and support you are willing to give them. This is perhaps the hardest lesson of all. For me time in prayer and meditation are how I come to terms with this and when to draw the line and say I've done all I can do.

I'm currently working on my new book titled....Hero Rejected. It's not a young adult fiction story this time. It's a story that may benefit people of all ages. It's my story. Writing this story has been theraputic and I pray that my story may be of help to others that find themselves in similar situations as mine.

Remember, when all else fails....ask yourself the question I do in hard family situations....What would Dr. Phil do?

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