Friday, May 31, 2013

Believe in Yourself

     Congratulations to Jacky Pett, the winner of my children's book, The Time Travel Storm.

 “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you." -Maya Angelou

    I love to write. Even when I'm not writing, I'm writing. No matter what I'm doing, my mind drifts to a story. I make sure I'm prepared for my mind drifts by carrying a small notebook with me to jot down my ideas.
     There are times though, when my writing doesn't flow or feels forced. It's easy to give up or doubt myself.  I just finished reading a book called You Are a Writer So Start Acting Like One by Jeff Goins. In his book Jeff talks about being true to your voice. I recognize that those times when my writing feels forced is when I'm not being true to who I am as a writer. The story that I have to tell comes from within me. No matter what is "hot" at the moment, I need to stick to my voice and my story.
      This book has inspired my to write what I know and believe in myself.



  1. Are you working on a book or short story right now?
    By the way I found you on BBN. Visit me at

    1. Yes, I'm writing a YA short story, Novella length. Thanks for visiting. I'll stop over.