Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Faves

 Welcome to my first Friday Faves for Children's Literature.  Book lovers and writers all started somewhere. More than likely the love of stories developed as a child. I invite parents, teachers, authors, and all book lovers to share their favorite children's literature.

   I'll start by sharing one my favorite childhood authors, Beverly Clearly. I'm currently reading her story Runaway Ralph.  Her ability to bring Ralph's character to life is amazing. Even though Ralph is a mouse, he has the thoughts, feelings, and interests of a child making him a character children can connect with. What child hasn't thought his parents unfair or siblings annoying?  This is a classic story that continues to be a favorite of mine.

Please link up a favorite children's book. Be sure to link from a blog post telling about the story and why it's a good book for children. Author, parents, teachers, and all book lovers may link up.

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