Saturday, December 13, 2014

Big Hair and Bullies

    I rocked big hair, spandex, and leg warmers in high school. Did I mention I mastered the Rubik's Cube?(not really, I wish).  Michael Jackson was Bad, Madonna was a Virgin, and Bon Jovi was Livin' on a Prayer when I was a teenager.

Much has changed since I was a starry eyed teenager, but something unfortunately that remains a constant to the adolescent is bullying in one form or another.  You remember, I know you do. The girls that would spread rumors about you, leave you out, talk about your clothes, call you names, and so on.

  Today the rumors and nasty comments meant to humiliate you can be posted online for all to see.  Both boys and girls experience bullying.  There are differences in the way they're bullied, but the outcome is the hurts.

Here are some facts:

  • Boys are more likely to be bullied physically, but girls are more likely to be bullied by rumors or being left out.
  • Girls bully to feel a sense of importance and control.
  • Boys usually get bullied by other boys, whereas girls tend to get bullied by both boys and girls.
  • Girls experience bullying on school property more often than boys.

The good news? Today we are more aware of the seriousness of bullying than we were in the past. A good resource for parents and teens is  What are your experiences with bullying? Do you have any advice?

I'll end with a quote from Taylor Swift.
Seventeen Magazine photo by Elizabeth Denton

You're not alone. Tell someone and seek support.......Teens Against Bullying.


  1. So true. It is so much harder today with social media there for teens to post this stuff on.

    1. Thanks for your comment. It is a different world from my teen years.