Friday, January 2, 2015

The Ugly Truth

There is no truer statement in the world for me. Sigh. Learning things about yourself and people you thought you knew can be sobering.

 If you've been one of my regular readers you know that I've mentioned the nag inside of me saying its time to write my memoir. Get my story out. Believe me, writing about myself is so not what I want to do. I can't wrap my head around how and where to get started. So I'm jumping in head first. If I drown in the process so be it. Enough babble.  Today I start and will see where each post leads me.

The Gist

 Fifteen years ago my husband and I buried a nephew who died in a car crash. He moved in with us to get a fresh start on life. My husband got his nephew a job where he worked, cosigned for a car for him, helped him to get his first apartment,  and so on. He loved life and began coaching basketball. He died in a car crash on his way to coach his seventh graders. We got a call from a state trooper telling us. He would have turned twenty-five that year.

  The next twelve years we watched my sister-in-law and niece struggle with the loss of a son and brother. They were never the same to be honest. Then we got a phone call one evening from my niece. My sister-in-law was murdered. Shot three times in the chest and once in the arm because she woke up her live in boyfriend.

  Not only did I see this destroy what hope my niece hung onto, it nearly destroyed my husband. Guilt almost ate him alive for not seeing the signs of domestic violence, for not protecting her. The guilt was then replaced by anger. Getting revenge on his sister's murderer consumed both my niece and my husband. We faced the scumbag in court. He never once apologized for his actions.
Nine months ago, my niece died suddenly of heart failure at the age of thirty five leaving two children ages twelve and fourteen. My family increased to four children.

  This is the story in nutshell. Now for the rest. During all of  this I've learned truths about life, people, and myself. Some of it is ugly, dirty, and nasty. Some is enlightening, pretty, and stabilizing.
My new year's resolution is to continue with this story. I'm determined to stick with it. That is when I'm not escaping out of the adult world and into writing about my latest teen heroin.

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